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School Projects

Shown below are summaries of significant projects—for class and for research—that I've worked on at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

UW Badger Lab

Spring 2022

Biomechatronics, Assistive Devices, Gait Engineering, and Rehabilitation Laboratory


During spring semester of 2022, I worked in Dr. Peter Adamczyk's lab, developing a Variable Stiffness Foot with 2 Keels (VSF2K). Alongside two other undergraduate students, we completed assembly of the prosthetic foot, and made a framework for testing and development.

As a low-budget project, its purpose was not for commercial use, rather for testing of this prosthetic design. Each of the keels (front and rear) lock with any applied force, protecting the small (and cheap) motors from being backdriven. By making adjustments mid-step, much of the robust motion design can be simplified.

We presented our work at

UW-Madison Day at the Capitol

at the end of the semester.


[not pictured] - Mary Laudon

[photo left] - Tyler Hanson

[photo right] - me!


The mechanical skeleton design - full foot shown near the base of the other image


Two-Stage Gear Reducer

Spring 2023

I was tasked with the design of a speed reducer as a project for my machine element design course. Taking it a step further, I designed detailed scripts to automate the entire stress analysis process, from static and dynamic shaft loading to gear tooth fatigue and bearing selection, my code automates the entire project's calculations.

Over 600 lines of code are written for Engineering Equation Solver (EES), an equation solving program used in several universities and developed by faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Although problems can be solved using code entirely, I designed graphics for a GUI to further simplify the project. Examples are shown on the right.

This project was an important lesson in machine design, as well as writing equation solving code for large projects. These skills are crucial for proving a design's validity before starting more intense computer simulations or physical tests.


Static load & stress analysis window (above)

Gear fatigue analysis window (below)


For reference and personal use (NON ACADEMIC USE):


Senior Design

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Coming soon!

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