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Work Experience

Shown below are brief descriptions of my work experience. Unfortunately, I am unable to share much of the information due to non-disclosure agreements.


Summer 2023 - Hawthorne, CA

Starship Avionics production engineering intern - battery systems


Sandia National Laboratories

Summer 2022 - Albuquerque, NM

In the summer of 2022, I worked at Sandia National Labs in Air Delivered Tester Development, supporting the Nuclear Security Enterprise. I was assigned several projects, with challenges ranging from engineering stress calculations done on paper, to Ansys simulation training and component design and assembly in Creo Parametric.

I designed machined components and 3D printed parts (both

for prototyping and lab use), led a design review presentation,

and wrote a report to summarize project progress and

transfer knowledge to coworkers and future interns.

Unfortunately, I am not able to picture or describe my

projects at Sandia in much detail. Please enjoy this photo of

me on a hot summer day in Albuquerque, New Mexico!



2019 to 2023 - Saint Paul, MN

Cyclikal is a battery testing company in the Twin Cities. They offer testing services as well as thermal chambers for constant temperature cell cycling.

I worked at Cyclikal helping design, build, and test lab equipment to aid in lithium-ion battery testing. I worked on several projects, ranging from weeks long to years long.


  • Independently, I designed laser cut metal & 3D printed plastic cell holders for many different cell geometries (including 14200, 18650, 21700, and various pouch cells). For each type, we manufactured at least a dozen cell holders, sometimes hundreds.

  • Under the direction of battery scientists, I worked with a colleague to design and manufacture a precision thermal chamber. It can house 16 cells and hold a constant temperature between 30°C and 70°C. If you would like more details, please reach out to Cyclikal, or me.

  • Chambers and holders have been sold to clients including an academic lab and Fortune 500 companies.


(below) A final render for the

wired thermal chamber

[UL] 2023-1-16.png
option (5).jpg

3D printed cell holder designs, printed in ASA for temperature resistance up to 100C

option (7).jpg
option (1).PNG

(above) A laser cut and 3D printed 18650 cell holder

option (4).jpg

(above) A laser cut pouch cell holder



Summer 2019 - Maplewood, MN

After my junior year of high school, I worked in the Corporate Research Solutions Lab at 3M, developing hardware and software for more secure and efficient data transfer from the vast array of lab equipment utilized by such a massive company.

I learned Python programming skills, got experience designing

3D printed electronics enclosures in SolidWorks, and soldering

components to complete my summer project. Working

alongside software engineers helped me develop project

management experience and effectively work in a team.

As the team captain of my high school robotics team, we

attended an outreach event held at 3M headquarters where I

worked. Pictured on the right is our 2019 robot at said event.

Unfortunately, I am unable to share any photos of the project I worked on at 3M.

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